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Weyand’s Marinade Primer

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Marinating is a pretty simple concept: put your seafood into something tasty to take on the flavor and then cook it. There are, however, a few important things to remember when marinating fish. Most importantly, you must be sure to refrigerate your fish while marinating it. Leaving it out on the counter creates a great environment for bacteria to grow and can wind up getting you sick. If you are planning to use some of the marinade for a sauce or drizzle later, be sure that you set some aside first. Never reuse marinade that that has already been used on raw meat. Also, fish should only be marinated for up to 45 minutes; otherwise it may end up overpowered by the marinade’s flavor or even mushy. Finally, if your marinade has sugar, honey, or other natural sweeteners be sure to watch carefully as you cook as sugar burns easily. Information obtained from John Ash: Cooking One On One by John Ash

Photo courtesy ShafronChef

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